Crude Oil Desalter/Dehydration
Crude Oil Desalter/Dehydration

It resolves difficult oil-water emulsions by separation water, gas, mineral, salt, and other impurities from crude oil. To deal with high conductivity, the presence of crystalline salts, and heavy solids loads, you need advanced technology to ensure stable operations and improved performance. Our Company offers the strongest electrostatic field available in the industry to battle the toughest crudes.

Electrostatic oil dehydrator and treater configurations:

     •   Advanced Treater- Vertical flow, horizontal                         vessel, electrostatic oil dehydrator.
       Desalter- Vertical flow, horizontal vessel,                          and electrostatic oil dehydrator configured as                   single or double stage desalter.

     • Heater Treater - Vertical flow, horizontal vessel electrostatic oil dehydrator with initial fire tube heating section.
        Electro-Mechanical Treaters - Horizontal vessel which combines combination of electrostatic grids, coalescing packs and initial fire tube heating section.

Type of electrostatic fields:

     •   AC-Plus –Three phases AC converted to single phase AC high voltage field.
     •   AC-Direct –three phases AC converted to DC high voltage field (AC/DC).
     •   AC-Tri -"Scott" connection, three phase hook AC up converted to two phase AC high voltage field.

Electrostatic treaters are utilized to remove water from oil to high efficiencies (below 0.1% BS&W).

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