Driving Your Business
Driving Your Business

Are you looking for a solid local base in Iran and Middle East? Are you still struggling to penetrate into the market or grow your business?  You are in the right place. Kamkar is enthusiastic to support you; simply to “Drive Your Business”.

Kamkar with a deep knowledge about the local markets he is serving; is a proactive and aggressive organization in his marketing approach. The company is known as a hard working and challenging team of professionals among his customers and partners.

In Kamkar, we believe in the essence of Relationship. We will continue with our philosophy to invest on people and relationships either in upstream or downstream of our business and in the community we live in. Most of our partners and principals have endorsed Kamkar as a self-motivated organization; what they need is just to delegate! and wait for exponential payoff. 

We are focused upon our partners’ goals and try to align their policies and practices with local norms and standards in all facets concerned including political, social, economical and technological. Our high calibre sales and marketing team will tailor a business plan for you and is empowered to implement it till the last chapter of success.

We would be obliged to hear your views, concerns and objectives. Please feel free to write to us and get us involved in your value chain: DriveYourBusiness@kamkar-co.com