Turbomachinary Controls
Turbomachinery Controls (TMC)

Our focus is on supplying high-quality, innovative control for turbines and compressors to the process industries. From turbine mechanical drive applications for pumps and compressors, generators, to anti-surge protection of compressors.

We are committed to developing innovative Turbo Machinery Control Solutions that help you control and protect your rotating equipment.  
With a wide selection of products, solutions and services to suit any types of Turbo Machinery applications, coupled with our extensive services from engineered solutions with programmable hardware platforms, Turbine Functional Safety Certification Trainings to field services, we are your one-stop solution provider for Turbo Machinery Control needs.

Products & Solutions:
Our productions are designed as a range of components which can be readily integrated into a complete turbine control systems package. Flexibility is designed into the product range making it particularly suitable for retrofit and new system applications. In addition to purpose-built controllers, we also supply pick-ups, gears, valves, actuators, indicators, retro-fit hardware and other accessories.
Our integrated solutions in Turbo Machinery Controls are using control algorithm libraries which have been used and proven in many applications, these include:

 •   Turbines
     •   Compressors   
     •   Generators   
     •   Pumps   
     •   Blowers

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