Leak Detection System

The primary purpose of Leak Detection Systems (LDS) is to assist pipeline controllers in detecting and localizing leaks. LDS Systems provide an alarm and display other related data to the pipeline controllers in order to aid in decision-making. Pipeline leak detection systems are also beneficial because they can enhance productivity and system reliability thanks to reduced downtime and reduced inspection time. LDS Systems are therefore an important aspect of pipeline technology. Kamkar in cooperation with international manufacturers has the capability to provide its customer with the advanced, accurate, robust environmental Control and Leak Detection Systems.

Our Software Features:
     •   A user friendly display of interactive Pipeline          Pattern and Profile and instrument node details
     •   Use a Real Time approach on mathematical models basis
     •   Batch Tracking and Cavitations along with exposing quick-useful menus and toolbars.
     •   Compatible with WINDOWS based platforms
     •   Interface with any SCADA/DCS/RTU system
     •   Fully OPC compliant

     •   Onshore Pipelines
     •   Offshore Pipelines
     •   Subsea Pipelines
     •   Gas Distribution Networks
     •   Multi-Product Pipelines
     •   Airport Networks

Pipeline Operational Conditions:

     •   Multi‚ÄźPhase Flows
     •   Pigging

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